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Sustainable mobility solutions

We provide electric vehicle pools for dedicated groups

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Car pool and bike pool – everything included, across the country!

We offer Sweden's greenest car pool and vehicle pool. A complete solution, we take care of all administration and operations, provide a advanced booking system and help with installation of charging posts and other infrastructure.
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Electric vehicles

Wide range of electric cars, electric bikes and electric scooters.

Service & Maintenance

We take care of cleaning, tire change and inspection.


The vehicles are easily booked directly in the mobile phone. Keyless.

Behavior Change

Active work process regarding behavior change.

How does it work?

Price Example

We tailor a complete solution that suits you with one or more electric cars, electric bicycles and/or electric scooters. Our smallest pool consists of one car and costs according to the example below.

Fixed cost (excl. VAT)

Renault Zoe 5-door

5 890 SEK/ month
Starting cost: 16 900 SEK

Tariffs (incl. VAT)

Hour Day Weekend
49 SEK 395 SEK 695 SEK
After 20 km: 1.50 SEK/km

If the car is booked for 10 hours, which would give a total hourly cost of SEK 490, the final price will instead be SEK 395, which is the maximum rate for a full day. The total price for a full day or weekend cannot exceed the day or weekend rate when the car is booked less than 24 or 48(weekend) hours.

The price may vary depending on the number of vehicles, connected apartments or members, and the geographical location.

Adapted for your needs

Since our vehicle pools are for dedicated groups, they can be tailored to your specific needs. Together we customize and package the vehicle pool just for you.

Our vehicles

All our vehicles have one thing in common, they are all powered by electricity. No fossil fuels, no hybrids, only 100% electric.

Cargo bike
Partners & Customers
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Send an email or give us a call, we deliver vehicle pools all over the country.

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Customer Service: +46 (0)10-16 60 555
Phone: +46 (0)733-22 40 95
E-mail: info@ourgreencar.se

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OurGreenCar Sweden AB
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Customer Service: +46 (0)10-16 60 555
E-mail: info@ourgreencar.se

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