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Sustainable mobility solutions

We provide electric vehicle pools for dedicated groups

Car pool and bike pool – everything included, across the country!

We offer Sweden's greenest car pool and vehicle pool. A complete solution, we take care of all administration and operations, provide a advanced booking system and help with installation of charging posts and other infrastructure.
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Electric vehicles

Wide range of electric cars, electric bikes and electric scooters.

Service & Maintenance

We take care of cleaning, tire change and inspection.


The vehicles are easily booked directly in the mobile phone. Keyless.

Behavior Change

Active work process regarding behavior change.

Bra miljöval

Swedens greenest car pool

OurGreenCar is licensed by Naturskyddsföreningens Bra Miljöval so that you can feel assured that you are maing the best choise for the environment.

iPhone App

Easy to book, easy to drive

After you have beome a member in one of our pools you handle all bookings, locking and unlocking of the vehicle in our mobile app.

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Customer Service

Phone: +46 (0)10-16 60 555
E-mail: support@ourgreencar.se

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