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Our vehicles

All our vehicles have one thing in common, they are all powered by electricity. No fossil fuels, no hybrids, only 100% electric.

Below are some of the cars that are popular right now. If You can't find what you're looking for? Stay calm! We offer a wide fleet of vehicles with all kinds of car models - and certainly the vehicle pool for your property or business!

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe - 5 seater

This is a small electric car ideal for the city trip, fun to drive and easy to park. Despite its small size, five people travel comfortably. 100% electric drive, powershift, eco mode for reduced power consumption, cruise control / speed limiter, navigation etc.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf - 5 seater

Good acceleration, more space. This is a smart, easy and safe way to drive a car. The new Nissan Leaf is packed with technology that is easy to use. A car that everyone can that meets most people's needs when it comes too moving.


Electric Cargo Bike

With an electric-powered cargo bike you can easily transport yourself, with the kids or a freight easily from A to B. We can offer different models based on your needs and wishes. The perfect option when the distance is resonable and the weather allows.


Electric bike

With an electric bike you can quickly and easily reach short and long distances. The electric bike is the perfect transport in the city when transporting yourself without any larger carriage. We can offer different models based on your needs and wishes.

Electric moped

Electric moped

Electric moped built for tough usage, nothing has been left to chance and everything is thoroughly tested. Each component is selected to give optimal performace and high reliability, that takes you up to 60 km on each charge.

Safe and comfortable just like a ride with an electic moped should be.

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E-mail: support@ourgreencar.se

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